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Discounts on.....

It's easy to become an Outlook provider. . . . 
  • Outlook is a non-capitated, point-of-sale discount program. 
  • Outlook is not an insurance company (members pay you directly at the time of purchase). 
  • There are no claim forms or waiting periods for payment. 
  • Outlook has no sign-on or participation fees for the provider. 
  • For Provider service and inquiries, simply call 1-800-342-7188, option 3. 
Outlook offers you the opportunity to choose a discount program 
that best suits your business needs.  Choose between a plan that . . .
  • Discounts the retail price of eyewear, OR
  • Is based on wholesale price plus a professional dispensing fee.
"We look forward to referring our members to your office !"

                                    ....Outlook Benefit Solutions
Vision Care PROVIDERS.....
. . . a whole new way to save 
money on your health care needs!
This program is not insurance. It is a discount program. You are responsible for the full cost of any health care services purchased. You will receive discounts for medical services at certain health care providers who have contracted with the program. Members have the right to cancel registration at any time. Cancellations within 30 days will receive a refund of membership fees. This program does not make payments directly to health care providers. A list of all program providers within the prospective cardholder’s service area which includes their name, city & state, and medical specialty is available prior to purchase, upon request. Discounts for hospital services are not available. This program is administered by Access One Consumer Health, your Discount Medical Plan Organization, 84 Villa Rd., Greenville, SC 29615 - www.accessonedmpo.com. The program and its administrators have no liability for providing or guaranteeing service or the quality of service rendered.  Not available in AK, MT, RI, VT & WA